Funding for the 2019-2020 year will come from a mix of sources.

  • Georgetown has received a $30,000 grant from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts to get the Georgetown Youth Community Center off the ground.
  • The Friends of the Georgetown Youth Community Center has been fundraising both within Georgetown and beyond to help finance programming at the GYCC.
  • During the Fall Town Meeting, the GYCC is requesting the town of Georgetown to transfer $45,000 out of free cash to finance the first year of operations.
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In short, yes.  The Georgetown Youth Community Center was designed with the Georgetown Senior Center as its inspiration.  In the same way as the Senior Center relies upon funding from the Town of Georgetown to pay for its staff and general operations, the GYCC will similarly rely upon funding from the town.

In order to cover the costs of programming and special events, the Friends of the GYCC has been established to fundraise on behalf of the Youth Center.  As town policy strongly discourages paying for salaries through revolving accounts, funds provided from the GYCC are designed to cover programming costs and not costs associated with salaries or overhead.

In FY20, the GYCC is receiving a grant from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts for $30,000, has received a commitment for funding from the Friends of the GYCC for $15,000, and has requested a total of $45,000 from the Town of Georgetown.

In FY21, the GYCC will seek to receive additional funding from the Commonwealth to defray the costs of continuing operations.  If Georgetown is awarded a step-down grant of $15,000, the GYCC will request funding of approximately $30,000 during the normal budgeting process.

Finally, in FY22, the GYCC anticipates receiving no further funding from the Commonwealth.  Assuming the program is successful, the total investment from the Town of Georgetown is expected to be approximately $70,000.

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In researching Youth Centers in surrounding towns, it was discovered that professional oversight is critical to the success of the program.  Professional staff will primarily be tasked with developing compelling programming for youth in Grades 6-10 living in Georgetown.

The potential for programming has no limits!  After several meetings with young people in Georgetown, we have compiled a list of ideas that are under consideration.  Listening to these youth revealed that sports is not the answer for everyone – some of our youth have been priced out, have to work, are not interested in team sports, or simply are not interested in the formal athletics program available through the public schools.

While fundamentally providing our young people with a safe and creative space to go after school, the Youth Center will provide a dynamic environment where students can receive homework help, start up a pickup basketball, kickball or soccer game, relax in the game room, explore their creative side in the Maker Space, among countless other opportunities.  The programming available in the Youth Center will depend upon the wants and needs of our young people, always with an eye on budget.

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The group that has been spearheading the effort to bring the Georgetown Youth Community Center to Georgetown initially asked the Board of Selectman to consider supporting the opening of the Youth Center with a $15,000 transfer.

As conversations proceeded, two issues arose:

  1. There is uncertainty as to when the $30,000 grant will actually arrive from the State House.  In order to be able to open the Youth Center in the Fall and continue the momentum that has been developing since the spring, there was concern that there would not be enough available money in the short term to fund salaries.  The increased transfer is designed to serve as a bridge between now and when State monies arrive.
  2. When Georgetown asked our legislators to consider supporting the Youth Center, there was the sense that Georgetown would work to match the contribution coming from Boston.  As a result, the Board of Selectman voted to support a transfer in the amount of $45,000 to ensure our obligations were met.

The increase in the transfer does not change the budget or expectations of the GYCC budget.  Funds remaining at the end of the Fiscal Year (June 30, 2020) can be transferred back to the town’s general fund for future use in the various departments of town government.

Category: Finances

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