To thank everyone that has helped the development of the GYCC would be impossible, but the effort is important, nonetheless.

The Friends of the GYCC would like to thank:

Our legislators, Senator Bruce Tarr, and Representative Lenny Mirra, along with Selectman Joe Bonavita and School Superintendent Carol Jacobs for their efforts at the state level.

The Board of Selectmen, Parks and Recreation, the Finance and Advisory Board, and Town Administrator Mike Farrell and Town Accountant Mary McMenemy for their effort in helping to navigate municipal government.

The Youth of Georgetown who stood up and not only asked for what they wanted, but also asked to have a hand in the process.  Their efforts have shaped the GYCC.  And the Youth that stepped up and made our summer events such a tremendous success.

Members of the Georgetown community who have donated furniture, equipment, games and supplies for the GYCC.  No one envisioned such a vibrant space would be possible.  Every time the people of Georgetown have been asked, they have delivered!

Our sponsors, including the Crosby’s, the Kiwanis Club of Georgetown, Cafe Sarina, the Cam Come Basketball Tournament and countless other financial (and food!) supporters.  The GYCC is truly defined by a town coalition helping to serve our youth.

The Custodial staff at GMHS.  Their efforts to clean, paint, and organize the GYCC has been transformational.

… and the countless parents, youth, business, and other supporters who have provided additional moral, logistical, financial, and visionary support to help bring the GYCC this far.