There are times when town government cannot completely finance the needs of a Town Department or program.  Municipal governments in Massachusetts are not allowed to fundraise for their operations.

When this happens, a group of citizens can put together a “Friends Group” – an independent nonprofit organization that seeks to raise funds on behalf of a town program.  As a result, the Friends of the GYCC was established on behalf of the Town of Georgetown to provide a fundraising mechanism to support the Georgetown Youth Community Center.

Georgetown already has several other similar “Friends of” organizations to help support the operations of other groups in town – these independent fundraising and advocacy groups are critical to the success of these program.

  • Friends of Georgetown-Ipswich Wrestling
  • Friends of the Georgetown Peabody Library
  • Friends of Camp Denison
  • Friends of the Georgetown Council on Aging

Similarly, the Georgetown PTA and Georgetown Education Foundation were formed to help raise funds for special projects in the schools.

The Friends of the GYCC is overseen by an independent board, and is not owned or managed by the Town of Georgetown.  Similarly, the Georgetown Youth Community Center will not be owned or managed by the Friends of the GYCC – its operations, financing, management, and review procedure will take place in Town Hall.