Pencil Drawing (1/12 – 2/18 Tuesdays/Thursdays)

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All levels welcome!
Rotating topics such as sports or dance figures, horse and dogs, faces.
NOTE: This is a great tie in with the mural contest!

Tuesdays 4-5PM
The Human Photocopier: How to Copy Any Flat Image
Trick your eye into drawing accurately
Use sighting, grids and enlargement
Copy cartoons and other line images
Copy photographs with accuracy and detail of any subject: sports or
dance figures, animals

Thursdays 4-5PM
Improving Your Pencil Techniques for Realism and Creativity
Get to know the pencil drawing tools
Practice using them for success

Develop skills in values (shading) and texture
Learn what I call Drawing Without Thinking!
Apply what you have learned to your accurate line drawings!

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